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Spray on Concrete

Spray on Concrete พื้นคอนกรีตพ่นลาย

Spray On Concrete Resurfacing is a great way to make old concrete look like new and easy way to give concrete floors, patios & pool decks a decorative, skid-resistant finish Versatile and easy to apply, spray-down concrete systems offer a wide array of finish options. Usually they are sprayed evenly onto concrete with an air-powered hopper gun, but they can also be applied as a splatter coat to create a textured, slip-resistant surface or "knocked down" with a trowel to create a smoother finish. They are very similar to microtoppings in that they are thin, but differ in that they usually contain more sand and provide a rougher, grittier finish.

stamped concrete , พื้นคอนกรีตพิมพ์ลาย

stamped concrete , พื้นคอนกรีตพิมพ์ลาย


Spray on Concrete (พื้นคอนกรีตพ่นลาย)

Spray On Concrete is an environmentally friendly material that is either sprayed or toweled on concrete or masonry surfaces to protect and beautify your home or business. ICD offers our very own multiple finishes and textures in 16 custom colors. Hundreds of other colors are available. (Ask us for more info.) Spray-Crete is stronger than standard concrete and will not be affected by shoveling or snowplows. A Spray-Crete application will last for years and increases the curb appeal and overall property value and is the perfect way to make concrete and masonry surfaces attractive.

Benefits Include:
-  Affordable
-  Environmentally Friendly
-  Free Design
-  Consultations
-  Low Maintenance
-  Non-Skid
-  Stain, Salt, Crack, Freeze/Thaw Oil, UV and Mildew Resistant
-  Home Warranty Available


WHAT IS Spray on Concrete?
Spray on Concrete is a cement based coating of a three part system designed to resurface new or old concrete or bitumen. The first part of our three part system is the cement based product, the second part is our Cement Activator which acts as a glue and gives the coating maximum strength and adhesion making this a long lasting and durable coating. Overcrete Powder Tints is the third part of our three part systems, made from 100% UV Stable oxides/pigments which means they will not fade from the sun.
Concrete Driveways , Concrete Pathways, Concrete Patios, Stairs, Schools, Carparks, Factories, Pool Areas, Roads

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